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THE RACHEL TRACHTENBERG (of the Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players) MORNING SHOW!!

Sat. Dec. 1st @ 12 pm (noon) @ THE GREEN ROOM
45 Bleecker St @ Lafayette
6 to Bleecker, B/D/F/V to Broadway-Lafayette, R/W to Prince

Tina and Jason (Mom and Dad) take a back seat on this one and let Rachel, their 13-year daughter (and drummer of the TFSP) boldly lead the show. It's a one-hour journey adapted from her real-life experiences in the endlessly creative community she's raised in. The RTMS is an inspiring show full of live music accompanied by felt board stories, handmade puppets, audience sing-alongs, a weather forecast, interactive arts and crafts, environmental messages, and cooking segments, all on a 60's retro D-I-Y set. The show will also feature guest appearances by some of Rachel's older friends: local artists and performers who stop by to share their own talents along the way. There's an overall theme here: encouraging young people to think outside the box. Each member of the audience will be supplied with their own goody bag of art supplies so they can participate in the interactive parts of the show…and there are many, so be prepared to get creative!

Video Preview!

Ages 2 and up!
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