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THE RACHEL TRACHTENBERG (of the Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players) MORNING SHOW!!

Sat. Dec. 1st @ 12 pm (noon) @ THE GREEN ROOM
45 Bleecker St @ Lafayette
6 to Bleecker, B/D/F/V to Broadway-Lafayette, R/W to Prince

Tina and Jason (Mom and Dad) take a back seat on this one and let Rachel, their 13-year daughter (and drummer of the TFSP) boldly lead the show. It's a one-hour journey adapted from her real-life experiences in the endlessly creative community she's raised in. The RTMS is an inspiring show full of live music accompanied by felt board stories, handmade puppets, audience sing-alongs, a weather forecast, interactive arts and crafts, environmental messages, and cooking segments, all on a 60's retro D-I-Y set. The show will also feature guest appearances by some of Rachel's older friends: local artists and performers who stop by to share their own talents along the way. There's an overall theme here: encouraging young people to think outside the box. Each member of the audience will be supplied with their own goody bag of art supplies so they can participate in the interactive parts of the show…and there are many, so be prepared to get creative!

Video Preview!

Ages 2 and up!
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The Dopes rock Brooklyn TONIGHT

The Dopes - NYC Original bratt rock trash punk go punk yourself

playing "Trailer Park Honey", "Die", "Copsucker", "Day Night","All Doped Up" and a bunch of other retarded gems that will make getting drunk that much more fun.


Appearing tonight WEDNESDAY JULY 12, 2006 at
The Lucky Cat • 245 Grand Street • Williamsburg • Brooklyn • 11211 • (718) 782-0437

Show starts at 10PM, followed by DJ ROB NITRO spinning PUNK!GLAM!GOTH
No cover charge.

All punkers, trannys, copsuckers, weirdos, losers, oppressors and pastry chefs are welcome!
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New Interviews! TurboNegro, Mike Park.

While gets a facelift, we've decided to hold off on updaing the site until we get our new layout up and running. But that doesn't mean that we aren't still doing stuff. We just posted the interviews with Turbonegro and Mike Park in the blog section of our MySpace page! We have tons of new interviews coming up soon, but check out the ones we have already up on!!

Jonathan Yost
Head Guy
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Help us out!

We are creating the Scene Wars points value system, and need your help. I'm going to list all of the things that could possibly give someone scene points just from a picture, you tell me how many points each is worth (1-5). Also, list any I did not, and add the point value.

Positive points:
White Belt
Band T-shirt
Random thrist-store esque shirt
Razored hair for boys
Razored hair for girls
pixie cut/short bob cut for girls
bleached chunk
bleached chunk then dyed
white-boy fro
facial piercings
tattoos (a few)
tattoos (a sleeve)
Tight pants
tights with mary janes
bandana in pocket
tight pants with holes in them
Brightly colored shoes
Picture taken of themself
picture taken of themself in mirror
picture taken from some obscenely high angle.
"xXx" in black electrical tape
holding a sign
track jackets
80's TV show shirt (Obviously from Hot Topic)
patches on pants
somehow being able to wear you pants buckled below your ass so that the entire world sees your track marks.
Dress coat over t-shirt
Bright colored Makeup
hardcore band hoodie
Huge ass Belt Buckle
iPod earbuds draped over your shoulders, just to let people know you have one.

Negative points:
spiked hair (anime style!)
Abercrombie, Gap, Old Navy or Hollister shirts
healthy tan
cargo shorts
chola style lip liner (brown outline especially)
High school PE shirt
College hoodie
parted hair
baggy jeans

That's what I've got so far, kick back some ideas, here. Also, check out and Racket's MySpace to see what kind of scene fucks we look like! Add us if you like!
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